Muay Chaiya & Krabi Krabong mit Kru Pong

Sonderlehrgang Muay Chaiya & Krabi Krabong

Samstag 9 Dezember 2017 Start 13.00 Uhr

Sonntag 10 Dezember 2016 Start 10.00 Uhr

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ThaiAchira Headquarter Deutschland


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Muay Chaiya & Krabi Krabong

Wir geben Euch die Gelegenheit aus erster Hand den Authentischen Stil des Muay Chaiya zu lernen, wie er von Great GM Tonglor Yalae unterrichtet wurde.

Kru Pong war ein direkter Schüler von Ihm und ist President der ThaiAchira Gruppe 

ThaiAchira Gruppe Deutschland.
Max Planck Str.6
48249 Dulmen-Buldern

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Wir bieten Euch die Möglichekeit mit ThaiAchira Gruppe Deutschland

 authentisches Muay Chaiya zu lernen, dieses Jahr unter keinem geringeren als:

Chan Ditkrajan (KruPong) 
- Vice president of Thaiachira: Krabi Krabong - Muay Boran in Bangkok
- President of Thaiachira in Phuket
- Yantra tattoo and ancient ritual master
Biography in the aspect of ancient ritual, Ancient Khmer script and Yantra tattoo:
2004 until now – Studied from Master Nuthdetch Prateeppichai, Luangpor Boonyong (Monk at Yang 
Sung temple in Kanchanaburi), Luangpor Chalee (Monk at Wang Yao in Prajuabkirikhan), Luangpu Pun 
(Monk at Mai Gratum Lom temple in Bangkok), Luangphee Thi (Monk at Phayayat temple in 
Ayutthaya), Master Boonyong Sribariboon in Srakaew and Master James in Chairai.
Biography in the aspect of Muay Boran and Thai weapons:
2000 – Studied Muay Chaiya and Thai weapons from Thai weapon club of Ramkhamhaeng University
- Taught Muay Chaiya and Thai weapons at Siamyuth Gym and Muay Thai Chaiya foundation
- Taught Muay Chaiya at the Thai-style pavilion in Lumpini Park in Bangkok
- Taught Muay Chaiya and Thai weapons at Siamyuth Gym – Klongton branch in Bangkok
- Taught self-defense at Ruamruedee international school – Minburi Bangkok
- Attended the first Muay Thai Sport Teacher course by Sport authority of Thailand
- Co-demonstrated Muay Chaiya in 2003 APEC Summit
- Lecturer in “Con
servation and restoration of Muay Thai” seminar conducted by Ministry of Tourism & Sports
- Joined the white school project, project aiming to prevent narcotics issue in schools, organized by 
office of the narcotics control board and association of persons with physical disability international
- Acted in performance of Thai history in Elephant show in Surin
- Taught self-defense with Muay Chaiya techniques to Arintaraj 26 (Thai S.W.A.T)
- Co-demonstarted Muay Chaiya in episode 1 of documentary TV shows about Muay Chaiya on Thai TV Channel 3 
- Assistant action director and actor of “Fighting Beat” film produced by Mono Film company
- Co-lecturer in the seminar about Muay Chaiya and Siam Weapons for Master degree instructors of 
Muban Chom Bueng Rajabhat University at Srinakharinwirot University in Bangkok
- Co-demonstarted Muay Chaiya in episode 2 of documentary TV shows about Muay Chaiya on Thai TV Channel 3
- Taught Muay Chaiya at The Royal Bangkok Sports Club (RBSC) in Bangkok
- Co-demonstrated in History Channel
- Demonstrated Muay Chaiya techniques at the Siam boxing stadium
- Co-demonstarted Muay Chaiya in episode 3 of documentary TV shows about Muay Chaiya on Thai TV Channel 3 
- Thai Martial Art teacher at Sukko Spa resort in Phuket
- Demonstrated Muay Chaiya in @ Mo Chit TV show
- Instructor of a Knife fighting course of Siamyuth Gym
- First runner-up of Naksu Fight
2009 - Instructor of a special soldier force (of which name cannot be disclosed) 
2010 - Quited from Siamyuth to dedicatedly study Yantra Tattoo
- Master of Yantra Tatto and Muay Boran teacher at Sukko Spa resort in Phuket
- Taught self-defense for students of Daorung Vittaya school in Phuket 
2012 - Co-demonstrated in Muay Chaiya monument opening event at Chaloem Phrakiat Laem Pho 
Beach in Chaiya district, Surajthani
- Vice-president of Thaiachira group and opened Thaiachira group: Krabi Krabong – Muay Boran Phuket
- Voluntary self-defense teacher for the youth at Suan Luang

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