Instruktor Kurs Krabi Krabong mit Kru Thodt ( Tactical sword)



Training mit Kru Thodt

September 2019

Preis  € 70,- pro Tag incl Essen

nur bei Voranmeldung


10.00 Uhr bis 12 Uhr Krabi Krabong
13.00 Uhr bis 16 .00 Uhr Krabi Krabong
auf Wunsch abends noch Muay Chaiya
bitte ganze Nachricht lesen...




September 2019 

Kosten: € 199,- incl Verpflegung Cost € 199,- including meals

Auch Tagesweise buchbar /daily booking possible

und Urkunde / and Certificate.

Unterkunft bitte selber buchen, please book your own accomodation

Liste von umliegenden Hotels auf Anfrage.

List of Hotel nearby on request

WICHTIG !! Unterkunft früh genug buchen !!!

Important !!! Book accomodation early to avoid dissapointment.

nur 100 m / only 100 m nearest Hotel is

ca 5 km


Prüfung auf Wunsch / Examination on request


ThaiAchira Headquarters

Max Planck Str.8

48249 Dülmen Buldern


Tactical Thai Sword Group is pleased to welcome you to the art of self defense with Thai weapons and Muay Chaiya, Ancient Thai boxing. Our martial arts is inherited from Chao-Ram Thai weapon club and Phahuyut association of the grand master, Kru Thonglor Yalae (Thong Chuea Chaiya)

We are experts who have been playing an important role in the world of Thai swords and Muay Chaiya for over twenty years.

With strong passion for ancient Thai self defense techniques and ambition to conserve and pass knowledge on to public and to next generations, we have formed Tactical Thai Sword group to organize the activities which will be beneficial to Thai martial arts including teaching and demonstration of self defense with Thai weapons and Muay Chaiya.


Khan 1 : NakDab Level 1 
Basic Thai Sword Level 1
Khan 2 : NakDab Level 2 
Basic Thai Sword Level 2
Khan 3 : Instructor Level 1 
*Striking direction 
- 36 Slashing 
- 8 Stabbing 
- 16 Defensive 
*Wong Deun Style theory Level 1 
*Thai Sword Teachnic Level 1 
- Sua Lak Hang 
- Sua Talai Hang
- Reang Mon 
- San Tapian 
- Chang Prasan ngar
- Jak Pan 
*Standing style Performance - Prom Yeun

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